NEW: check out the soundtrack on the composer's bandcamp. <3
AUDIO STUTTERING - known export issue with HTML5.
try running in Firefox or download the file!

Take our super short survey after you play!

click cards to flip them.
nature cards give you an event to deal with.
use the responses at your disposal to steady your emotions.
how will you deal with the cards you're dealt?

made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49. (theme: unstable)
all visuals & audio made original for this jam. proud of you, team. <3

tveratti - programmer
raine doe - visual artist
craig alan carroll
- composer, sound designer
bakenshake - writer



CardsDealt.exe 47 MB
CardsDealt.x86_64 48 MB
Download 34 MB

Development log


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This game and the different outcomes is really nice!

Thank you! :)


Such a sweet game that pairs its really cute artstyle and its music together very well.

Its very impressive given the time limitations you had. 

I would love to see a longer more expanded version that has more choices to play around with 


This is really sweet! Mad kudos for doing it in the time limit :o


The game is very unique, I like it


I love pixel art! You did great with this! Like the idea too!!