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Great atmosphere!  More explicit instructions in the book would help. I'm not sure if some things stop progress, like if you put the chicken in the microwave early.
Looking forward to a walkthrough or hint through.

Okay... some spoilers ahead. So to hatch the creature the thermostat has to be set to 95 although the book said a warm, dim environment. I would have thought 95 is hot.

And then I tried the next steps in the book and go the bad end (the tank broke). Credits said there isn't a good end.. so the tank always breaks?

Thanks for the feedback! Part of the fun of the puzzle, in my opinion, is decrypting the vague instructions. Where I personally think trouble comes in is in which instructions the player should be focused on. The book was originally going to be chapter-locked, so the instructions would still be somewhat vague, but at least give a more clear idea of the instructions the player should be currently focused on.

None of the extra bits (the seal, the safe, the microwave) should have any effect on progression! They're just unwired bits that were originally going to be parts of the puzzle.

Thanks for playing!

Issue: Soft locked, by placing a piece of pipe on the symbols on the ground. Couldn't pick it up again, even holding left click kept toggling the symbol.

Yeaaahh... a friend of mine ran in to that same problem when I showed it to them, but the jam had already ended so there was no patching it. 😅 Unfortunately a restart is the only fix.

wow so great!

Thank you!